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A Rewarding Internship

I applied for an internship with Ben and Liz at The Un.Inc back in January of 2021, I remember having an unjustifiable amount of confidence and wasn't willing to take no for an answer, I was going to be their new intern. After a wonderful talk with each of the co-founders, Ben realized that I may be a good fit for the UX Designer position. I admitted clearly that while I had no real experience in that field just yet, I would happily accept it, improvising and overcoming any obstacle that came my way. I started the next week.

I was greeted by a highly diverse and friendly team of like-minded individuals. Each one of us had a different repsonibility, we were both one large team and one-person department heads simultaneously. I was given free reign to do any and all User Experience related work that I could so I hit the ground running.

During my time at The Un.Inc I created and performed User Journey Maps, Action Plans, User Personas, A/B Testing, site Accessibilty Audits as well as spearheading the establishment and development of the The Un.Inc's first remote collaborative ideation environment (see video of Miro Board to the left). I will say that while I enjoyed and maybe even thrived in this ultra free work environment, I still felt a lack of proper performance review or work quality assessment. Those values ended up being sorely missed as I continued shooting from the hip and doing the best job I could, unguided or uninstructed as it may have been.

 About The Un.Inc.

The Un.Inc is headquartered in Austin, TX and was founded in 2016 by Liz Deering and Ben Gibson. Since opening their doors they’ve served hundreds of creators from diverse backgrounds, across the business, arts and social sectors with their programming in their spaces and inside partner spaces and organizations. They’ve built a network of highly engaged mentors in Austin and around the country. Ben and Liz deliver programming and facilitate virtual marketing teams for creators, but their roots come from running their own spaces. In 2013 Ben opened Youvolution, a filmmaker space that was on the east side of Austin. In 2016 they opened 35th Street, in Hyde Park, which was where they began the Un.Inc Cohort. From 2017-2019 they built and experimented with Novo, a 9 acre live + work tiny home community in Del Valle. In 2019 they managed Soma Vida Coworking, a wellness and creative coworking space that was in it’s 11th year of business. In 2020 they switched to a predominately remote platform with their founder programming to reach more creators, and now they find themselves “in” spaces all around the country each day.

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