Hello! I'm Scott Carter.

I'm a Visual Designer. I love to build brand
identities, user interfaces and much more.

Once upon a time in Austin, I was a professional chef, which allowed me to make art with food. However, I discovered that as I climbed the ladder and reached my first executive chef title, the job wasn't nearly as creatively free as I once thought. But one day, in an art exhibit in Montreal, it just clicked. I had my eyes opened to the design world and haven't looked back since. I found design and fell in love with the idea of being creative every single day, solving problems with design and creating brand identities and apps for businesses. Simply put, I truly have a passion for design and I'm proud to be part of this world.

You'll find a lot of great work on this website but front-end development is a new concept to me. As a bonus, please feel free to check out this cool recipe search project I'm working on as I learn this amazing new skillset!

Work experience

I don't currently have a specific lane of focus in my career, I love so many variations of design which leaves me happily willing to explore new positions and experiences. I'm a proud autodidact and jack of all trades, ready for a new challenge.

Graphic Designer

Using color theory, Gestalt Principles, layout skills, knowledge of design history as well as trends of the near future to create eye-catching designs for clients in need. Equally practiced in both web and print applications, I've had the most fun creating assets for smaller local businesses.

Web Designer

A newer skill of mine, but an aspect of design that I am very passionate about. I use HTML5 and CSS3 (currently learning Javascript) to create dynamic, responsive web pages that follow accessibilty guidelines and create a clear and successful journey for the user.

Product Designer

Bringing my experience in Human-Centered Design Thinking, Interaction Design skills and Information Architecture to the table to sketch wireframes, build out intricate prototypes and deliver hi-fidelty mockups to a variety of diverse clientelle. Knowledgable in most prototyping software including Figma, Sketch, Invision and AdobeXD.

Brand Identity Designer

The most satisfying work I have done so far. Using empathy and storytelling to create an entire identity from scratch or refreshing an existing one. I love when I have the opportunity to create many different solutions for a company, building elements that work together cohesively whether they are meant for the side of a building or the back of a business card.


I am experienced and confident in the Adobe Creative Suite, most prototyping and wireframing software and have recently begun working with front-end development languages. I am always excited to learn a new tool.